Bellemain 4 Piece Airtight Acrylic Canister Set, Food Storage Container

Bellemain 4 Piece Airtight Acrylic Canister Set, Food Storage Container

    KNOW EXACTLY WHATS IN THE CANISTER AT A GLANCE: No more guessing games. Even labels cant tell you how much is left in a container, but with clear non-breakable acrylic, you always know

    AIRTIGHT SEAL AND SECURE CLAMP KEEP FOODS FRESH: These canisters include a silicone gasket and a clamp to ensure a tight fit every time. Your foods will stay fresh and safe from ants and other bugs.

    IF YOU DROP THEM, THEY WILL BOUNCE: The canisters are lightweight and break resistant, so you never have to worry about them around your kids. Fill them with all your favorite essentials.

    COMES IN AN ASSORTMENT OF CONVENIENT SIZES: Four canisters sized 65 oz. (holds 8 cups), 51 oz. (holds 6 cups), 26 oz. (holds 3.25 cups) and 22 oz. (holds 2.75 cups).

    BPA-FREE AND NO DANGEROUS CHEMICALS TO WORRY ABOUT: Your family is safe when you store your perishable food in Bellemain canisters. No harmful chemicals to leach into foods.

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Keep All Your Favorite Dry Foods Fresh And Within Arms Reach

Even dry foods can go stale fast. And if you live in a warm, humid climate, you know what a challenge it is to keep the ants and the insects out of your pantry. Bellemain clear acrylic canisters are airtight. The flip top lids, silicone gaskets and metal clamps ensure a tight seal that keeps bugs and air out while sealing freshness in.

You Don't Have To Play Guessing Games With Your Canisters Anymore

See-through acrylic is as clear as glass but lightweight and strong - so it resists breaking even when knocked off the counter. Labels are great, but only tell you part of the story - now you can know how many cookies, crackers, pasta, flour or beans are left without having to open them all up and look inside.

Set of 4 Canisters In The Most Popular And Useful Sizes

Storage is convenient when you have airtight canisters in all the sizes you actually use: 65 oz. (8 cups), 51 oz. (6 cups), 26 oz. (3.25 cups) and 22 oz. (2.75 cups). In height, they are 9 ¾ inches, 8 inches, 5 inches and 4 inches tall.

Worry-Free Lightweight Acrylic Lets You Relax

If you have children or animals who like to explore and tend to knock things over, you can relax. Bellemain acrylic canisters are shatterproof and resist breaking even when dropped from the top shelf. They are light enough that you don't have to worry about them slipping out of your hands and smashing into a hundred sharp pieces like glass or ceramic.

Order Your Own Set of 4 Bellemain Clear Acrylic Canisters Today and Experience For Yourself the Premium Quality.