COVFEFE: Making Coffee Great! MAGA Blend, Dark Roast Ground, 16 ounce

COVFEFE: Making Coffee Great! MAGA Blend, Dark Roast Ground, 16 ounce

    COFFEE FOR DEPLORABLES BY DEPLORABLES: Does it make sense to get your coffee from large corporations who lobby against your values? Of course not, because you're a VERY STABLE GENIUS that knows you need a coffee that doesn't take a knee and stands for your values.

    LOW ENERGY TO DRAGON ENERGY: COVFEFE, just like America, is BOLD, STRONG, and GREAT! This isn't some meek and mild lead from behind coffee. No BS. No Soy. No Non-Sense. Just Coffee.

    DO YOU COVFEFE: Here in fly-over country, MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN starts at home and with a hot cup of COVFEFE!

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At COVFEFE, we support the "Make America Great Again" agenda. Our goal is to provide proud Americans access to delicious coffee without having to buy coffee from Corporations who lobby against your values. We understand that it is revolutionary to support the sitting US President, and in some cases dangerous to show support publicly. We want to end that. Not only do we want to provide quality coffee backed by quality values, we want to create a community of PROUD AMERICANS that want to engage in culture. A hot cup of COVFEFE not only has the dragon energy you crave but gives you the ability to show support and unity with your fellow Deplorables. We strongly believe you can't be WINNING if you aren't HAVING FUN! COVFEFE is Making Coffee Great! 80% Brazil 20% Robusta Universal grind "DRIP" It works very well in drip brewers, percolators (though coarser is more appropriate), lattes, cappuccinos, espresso and more.